To the origin of ORIJIN®

About us

Orijin® is a brand owned by AFIS company.

Created in 2012, Orijin® represents AFIS International Foods corporate philosophy. Our job is to identify and develop high quality products, frozen or dry, that we think have great potentials. Our range of products are made of exotic vegetables, dry beans, beverages, specialized breads, cakes and pastries (discover our products range Orijin®: « Our products »).

Orijin® products are available from our central warehouse in Le Havre, Normandy, France to our customers: Food Service, Industry, Retailers and Freezer centres.

Our values

Offering products which are as close as possible to the original product, this is what Orijin® is aiming for.

Our team of passionate people looks every day for authentic products. We promote a great proximity with our suppliers in order to guarantee « Clean Label » products.

Authenticity, originality, quality and traceability are our daily values.

Products Range

We work at 3 temperature levels

  • Frozen: beverages, breads of the world, exotic vegetables, desserts and pastries
  • Chilled products: Philadelphia® Cream Cheese
  • Grocery lines: barbecue sauce, pulses, savory spreads and jams.


We supply our products to the whole foodservice sector in France, the French overseas territorial departments and to export markets.

  • Foodservice (commercial and institutional)
  • Food manufacturing sector
  • Retailers and Freezer Centres


Notre produit phare et fondateur ? L’ORANGE FRAICHE PRESSÉE SURGELÉE. Nos 100% agrumes pressés existent aussi en version pamplemousse frais et citron jaune ! Leur mode de fabrication et de production symbolise tout ce que nous souhaitons apporter à nos clients : de la fraîcheur et un goût incomparable.

Les agrumes sont cueillis au pic de leur maturité, pressés et surgelés rapidement. Ce procédé permet de préserver toutes les qualités organoleptiques de nos agrumes pressés qui conservent alors une saveur exceptionnelle, celle du jus pressé sans aucun conservateur, ni ajout.

Une dégustation est la meilleure démonstration !

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