Organic Seaweeds

Discover our range of products made with organic** seaweeds!

Original and tasty recipes: the authentic seaweed tartare, the spreads with peppers or black olives, the sea vegetables range with sea beans or Salicornia, the seaweed salad but also the tagliatelles with spirulina.

Our seaweed, all from our Brittany coast, are harvested in carefully selected natural areas and are made of organic and natural ingredients.

Huge source of highly assimilable minerals and nutrients, we are convinced that seaweeds are one of the keys to a healthy, fair and equitable diet for tomorrow.

By offering original and tasty recipes, we want you to discover all the simplicity of seaweed cuisine.

From the “Orijin”, there is the sea…
*Production certified by FR-BIO 01
**Distribution certified by FR-BIO 13


  • Organic products
  • Natural recipes
  • 100% vegan
  • Long product shelf life: 12 to 24 months at room temperature
La gamme :

Fines algues marines BIO 1kg
Palets aux algues surgelés 1kg
Salade d’algues & légumes croquants BIO 110 g x 6
Salade d’algues Haricots de mer Wakamé & légumes BIO110 g x 6
Salicornes en marinade 120 g
Tagliatelles à la spiruline BIO 90g
Tartare d’algues & condiments BIO 90g
Tartinable d’algues marines & olives noires 90g
Tartinable d’algues marines tomates & poivrons 90g
Terrine de campagne aux algues BIO 90g x 12

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